Monday, March 7, 2016

Acceptance and maintenance create a foundation for #GenderParity at home

Acceptance and maintenance
Resistance is second nature to human behaviour. Then again, so is resilience. As women’s rights have evolved over the last century, so have trends in business, entertainment and education. It is true that today there are more women in the workforce, in schools and in prominent positions than there have ever been in history. However the stigma of women’s abilities still remain.
In my opinion, attaining gender equality begins with acceptance. What many fail to do is accept the qualities of their female counterparts due to the behavioural resistance that has been evolving over time. The second step is maintenance. Although our primary concern is achieving gender equality over time, the matter shall progress to maintaining equality. Much of the youth and working class face resistance towards development however, we are a resilient force and the disparity in gender equality can be sealed through acceptance and maintenance.

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